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Due to higher line pressures required with disc brakes, it is recommended that a power assist unit be added to the system. These vacuum assist units are the solution! Frame mount booster kits bolt directly to where the original master cylinder mounted (except 1955-57 Chevy car). Some kits include the pedal and others utilize the original pedal. Kits include: booster and frame mount brackets, linkage to connect to the pedal, and master cylinder. Disc/drum and disc/disc kits also include proportioning valve and bracket assembly. Kits available in 7" or 8" and both single and dual diaphragm. If not specified, default booster diameter for your application will be provided. Note: #CP6XX kits do not include proportioning valve assembly.


  •   Power Brake Booster Installation Instructions For 1947-54 Chevy Trucks  
    Parts List: 1 Power Brake Booster  1 Strut Rod Stabilizer 1 Master Cylinder    

     1 Pedal Push Rod Assembly

    1 Booster Mounting Bracket

    1 Hardware Kit Notes:  Make sure this kit fits you specifics before painting or plating. Chroming and plating the booster may cause malfunctions if not done correctly. Once a part has been plated, painted or modified in anyway it may not be returned.


    1. Remove the master Cylinder from its bracket. Clean the mounting bracket and the area of frame to the rear of the mounting bracket. About 15’’.

    2. Line up mounting bracket holes with the holes on the frame bracket. And with the hardware provide begin to bolt the bracket to the frame. 
    3. Drill two holes (using the bracket guide) through the frame. Again using the hardware provided, bolt the bracket to the frame.

    4. Bolt the booster back onto the bracket.

    5. Using the hardware kit attach the pedal push rod to the brake pedal. Pedal height is adjustable using the heim joint. Once everything is complete make sure to tighten the jam nut. The aluminum spacer will be used in place of the factory clutch pedal if it is not there.

    6. Begin to bolt the strut rod bracket to the inside lower booster stud and frame. Drill a 3/8’’ hole into the frame to mount the bracket. YOU MUST BOLT TO THE FRAME FOR ADDED STRENGHT.

    7. With the booster and bracket installed, next you will need to bench bleed the master cylinder before installing.

    8. Put a 3/8’’ vacuum line from the booster to the manifold vacuum. Be sure to double check that all brake lines are hooked up and then begin to bleed the brake system.

    9. Lastly make sure that the pedal is on firmly and begin use. 

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